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Red Hood vs Crossbones. Bullseye vs Onomatopoeia. No comments in the last 24 month. Deathstroke will kill Frank and Brock in at least 5 minutes. I think Crossbones would kick the shit out of Pre-Serum Slade. Deathstroke was pretty superhuman, being all hopped up on Mirakuru supersoldier serum. Deathstroke (CW) wins! Andrew Garfield Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 2012-2014) Rules: TV/Movie Characters and TV/Movie Feats Only. Dunno much about Deathstroke. Deathstroke vs Taskmaster Bane vs Crossbones Joker vs Green Goblin Lex Luthor vs Dr Doom Black Adam vs Count Nefaria Lady Shiva vs Elektra- Both losers Deadshot vs Bullseye Darkseid vs Thanos Ra's al Ghul vs Red Skull - To close to call Lobo vs Terrax DC - 10 Marvel - 10 wow i wasnt even trying to do that lol. Voting feed. Magik vs Raven. He also seems to benefit from ye olde bottomless pistol magazine. Winter Soldier vs Deathstroke 2020; Marvel vs DC. Tier. If you enjoy the video, don't forget to like and subscribe! ... +Beat the crap out of Crossbones +Endured a beating from Doctor Doom +Reacted fast enough to throw his shield to deflect a sniper shot +Falls from a plane and into several trees and is perfectly fine +Beats up the 50s Captain America, who is stated by Bucky himself … The Superhero Database … The experimental procedures he went through didn’t give him peak abilities, but superhuman. Deadpool vs Deathstroke. Knowledge: None … I utilize some of the new masks that came with the GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run DLC. It's a fair match though and Crossbones can distract Slade enough for Frank to get accurate shots in and win some of the time. Emma Frost vs Killer Frost. Beast + Gorilla Grodd + Killer Croc (X-Men Apocalypse 2016) (CW The Flash Arrowverse Season 1 to Season 3) (Suicide Squad 2016) VS. 2. JavaScript is disabled. Slade Wilson. Voting feed. The fact he could still fight especially someone as skilled as Oliver while anyone else that got the cure went immediately unconscious is impressive. Captain America & Black Widow vs Crossbones & Bullseye. Wow. Since it's pre-52 Slade they have a bigger chance but not good enough for them to win. Combat. He may get shot a few times but with his healing factor and armor, he'll just keep going. 0. Team Battle. 1. Standard Gear for All. However, he was still having trouble with Oliver. 0 wins (0%) Deathstroke Slade Wilson: 359: Crossbones Brock Rumlow: 5 wins (100%) Captain America Steve Rogers: 98: Batman Bruce Wayne: 150: Battle options. share. Deathstroke (CW) wins! Intro: Deathstroke prepares his weapons before he fights. I dunno, then. Crossbones' power-fists were doing good damage to Cap, though. Scarlet Spider vs Superboy. And Slade is a way more difficult opponent than either Bucky or Steve and Frank along with Crossbones may be a good force to oppose Slade but they won't have that good of a time with each other and won't get along and that will play them a bad trick. Slade would get a workout, but you'd need to add Deadshot to the team or something to make this fair. With problems but he will win. Good battle. He'll just dodge everything Punisher shoots at him and will get in close range to finish him off. LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. You must log in or register to reply here. You need to be logged in to post comments.. Crossbones (MCU) wins! Dont get me wrong though. Proxima Midnight vs Granny Goodness. Bane vs Crossbones # not voted Dude, it's just an Opinion, if @Heroclix think crossbones wins, well that's his opinion, Jongensoden 5 mo 12 d . Costume 3: Classic Deathstroke. Win By: Death. Starting Distance: 40 Feet apart from each other. 0. 0. Boring answer but I'll go with Slade too. Deathstroke & Crossbones vs Captain America & Batman. … The computer voice says, “Retrieving next target.” We cut to a shot of Deathstroke at his computer and he starts tossing his knife … Voting feed. Team Captain America (MCU) vs Team Winter Soldier (MCU) Team The Wolverine (FOX) vs Team X-24. Superman Thor Black Panther The Runner Green Lantern (a top-tier one) … Deathstroke was pretty superhuman, being all hopped up on Mirakuru supersoldier serum. Battle. If your doing it to be the best fighter possible it's a clear choice, DEATHSTROKE. I can see Punisher scraping a win for the team. Probably Deathstroke - not easily, however. As soon as he gets close Slade should quite easily be able to take out Frank and then move on to Crossbones who's best feats generally consist of stalemating rather than beating skilled opponents so I doubt he'll defeat Deathstroke. Standard Gear for All. Or Thor is a copy of The Batman because they both wear capes. save. He was recruited by Hydra higher up Alexander Pierce to work within S.H.I.E.L.D. Created by DeanDinosaur6. Winter Soldier vs Deadshot. BlotskyA 1 y 17 d . 0. @reaverlation: Quiet, infidel, it's a good play on words/Eminem songs! Official Superhero Database stats. Mindset: In Character. Crossbones has fought evenly with Captain America, so he can probably fight evenly with Deathstroke too. Skruge vs Steppenwolf. Outfits include new versions of Moon Knight, Crossbones and Deathstroke. However, Deathstroke would get hard wins. … Why? No matter what, there will always be assassins, even in worlds of gods and superheroes. 0. Not that that's a very big mark against him, as Oliver is incredibly skilled, but he is still just peak human. A Spin off Tournament between DC and Marvel Villains 1 Old Fights ofThe Dreamfinder 2 Battles ofRobRulz1231 3 War ofInjustice Lord 4 Events for the First War (Old Version) 4.1 Part One 4.2 Part Two 4.3 Part Three 4.4 Part Four 4.5 Part Five 5 Events for the First War (New Version) 5.1 Part One 5.2 Part Two 5.3 Part Three Round 1: Norman Osborn & Doctor Octopus vs Professor Milo General Ross vs … By that logic, I guess Thor, Superman, and Piccolo from Dragon Ball are copies because their powers come from not being Human. Crossbones (MCU) vs Deathstroke (CW) Team Red Skull (MCU) vs Ultron (MCU) Crossbones (MCU) vs Spider-Man (MCU) Team Thanos (MCU) vs Team Daredevil (MCU) Team Ancient One (MCU) vs Team Ronan The Accuser (MCU) Odin vs Crossbones (MCU) Newest Battles with Crossbones (MCU) ... Crossbones (MCU) vs The Wolverine (FOX) Superhero Class. Once Cap recovered it was pretty much over with. Punisher doesn't get enough credit as a marksman, and with a distraction, he can take Slade eventually. Mister Hyde vs Kalibak. Slade's got this, tough match, team has a slight chance though if they gang up on him...."if". They seem pretty evenly matched. ... We cut to a computer scene layout quickly displaying all the random playable characters in DC vs. Disney’s roster (even the guest fighters). Crossbones (MCU) Brock Rumlow. 0. 0. Knowledge: None for all. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Like Spider-Man and Wolverine and Daredevil. Speed. Team Spider-Man vs Team Doctor Octopus. And they come with knives. No BFR. From that fight against Billy wasn't that impressive. Deathstroke (DC Comics) History . Just wow. 3 vs 3. 6 DEATH BATTLE!!! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Bouboumaster. I think this one turned out really great. Punisher and Crossbones are armed with their standard weapons of choice. Deathstroke on the Mirakuru is almost on Caps Level. Comic Bane had super-human strength and size due to venom being injected into his body. Strength. Location: Iron-Man vs Aldrich Killian Fight Location (Iron-Man 3 2013). Deathstroke (CW) wins! krisblaze. He lost his powers from the cure. The Superhero Database Classification … Bane wins! Also the Human torch and Fire (DC) The two of them at once is too much skill for Deathstroke to beat. It would definitely be a beating to train with him, but when you're dealing with a “TOP 10” martial artist of DC, where they have the best fighters in comics. Cap got the upper hand after a while and put him down. I think Natasha would have beaten either/both. B/c … Indeed. Click me to find out about our funding drive. The two of them at once is too much skill for Deathstroke to beat. show 8 replies . as a STRIKE team commander while given orders to silent those who pose a threat to them. Location: Incubus vs Suicide Squad Fight Location (Suicide Squad 2016 Movie). Like Batroc before him, Crossbones got the drop on Cap and did most of his damage due to the element of surprise. Crossbones + Deathstroke + Red Skull (Captain America Civil War 2016) (The Green Arrow TV/Netflix Series 2012-2020) (Captain America The First Avenger 2011) Rules: Movie Characters and Movie Feats Only. Batman vs Crossbones. Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe! Top Battles. Team Deadpool vs Team Wolverine. Crossbones in that Exosuit is a serious contender. Not really. I'm inclined to agree, though not to the same degree. Batroc vs Crossbones. Darth Vader vs Crossbones. Pyro vs Hotstreak. The team is blood-lusted. Crossbones vs KGBeast. About; History; Powers; Equipment; Movies; Gallery; Battles; Comments; Power Stats; SHDb; uStats; v1; Intelligence. Bane from the Dark Knight is very different from Bane of the comics, its important to recognise that fact. Power. Comments. What is Crossbones standard gear? Stipulations: Deathstroke is on Mirakuru. And with his suit didn't seem to have many issues with Natasha. Starting Distance: 20 Feet apart from each other. Crossbones has fought evenly with Captain America, so he can probably fight evenly with Deathstroke too. Born in New York City's Lower East Side, Brock Rumlow was a number-one apprentice of Taskmaster who became an assassin for hire. spectredominates6 mo 13 d. Crossbones (MCU) vs Deathstroke (CW)#. Stipulations: Deathstroke is on Mirukuru. Deathstroke (CW) wins! Crossbones was already good enough to kinda sorta not get his ass kicked right off the bat against Capt, and overpowered Sam. I just dont see him matching up against Slade. B/c anything short of an automatic weapon, Bane had routinely dodged, tanked, or disarmed. However, he was still having trouble with Oliver. Factor in his years of special Forces training from Australian Special Forces and I'm putting my money on him. Bane vs Crossbones # not voted @DanCo can you respond to me. Captain America vs Crossbones. Let me break down my answer into two parts, because it would eventually become two seperate fights: Batman vs. Taskmaster and Spider-Man vs. Deathstroke. Guns is pretty strong in a matchup like this... Supermutant. Durability. But I'd still put Slade over him. Punisher could quite possibly get some hits on Deathstroke but more times than not he'll be hitting the armour and so it'll have little effect. ... Deathstroke (Post-Crisis) Annie Leonhart (AoT) Corvo Attano (pre-Outsiders) Geralt of Rivia (Games) Mistique (616) Killua Zoldyck (pre-Nen) …

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