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There are major uncertainties associated with these UK projections, but the scenarios we’ve set out provide a plausible range of outcomes. Diversity & Inclusion at BIBA. The 2016 figure was around 5.5 working age people for every one person over retirement age. The maps below show that in 2016, urban areas had the highest ethnic diversity scores (shown in red), while the lowest diversity scores (shown in … While the neighbourhoods coloured yellow are largely non-white, that doesn’t mean they lack diversity. “To remain competitive in the global market, UK businesses must focus further on the recommendations in the report, increasing alignment of the Board with its customer base at home and overseas. Covid-19 in Kenya: Global Health, Human Rights and the State in a Time of Pandemic. Ich schreibe demnächst Englsich und habe echt lange nach einer Zusammenfassung gesucht. With the British parliament still deadlocked, the UK’s future Brexit strategy is not yet set in stone. Ben Walker is a data journalist at the New Statesman. For soft Brexit, we took the long-term assumption for net international migration in the national population projections of the Office for National Statistics, based on the population at the end of June 2014. From bold and ambitious targets to drive gender diversity across our leadership and launching market-leading parental policies in Asia; to improving ethnic minority representation across our offices and developing a truly global approach to mental health and wellbeing and leadership on LGBT+ advocacy. Source: UK Office for National Statistics (web). 01/01/2011 To. A soft Brexit would see the figure rise to 40.4%, and a hard Brexit to 35.6%. Our research shows that under all three different potential Brexit scenarios where international migration assumptions were tested, the UK population is projected to increase in size, become more ethnically diverse and the population structure shifts to one which is older. Actions. Diversity & Inclusion. Under the hard Brexit scenario, we translated the 2010 Conservative Party pledge to reduce net international migration to “fewer than tens of thousands” into assumptions about immigration and emigration flows. For this reason, introducing diversity initiatives is both challenging and necessary for companies looking to create a more inclusive corporate culture. With thanks to Josh Rayman for the data visualisation. In the UK, too many individuals from an ethnic minority background still face discrimination and disadvantage when trying to get into and progress at work compared with their white British peers. One in five of its neighbourhoods has a population that is more than 85 per cent non-white. [CDATA[// >

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