why is my cat chewing on wood?

Puppy Training 101: Your Guide to Mastering Basic Puppy Training, How to Bond With Your New Dog to Become Besties for Life. Dogs don’t just chew your home to be destructive, they do it because they are bored or stressed and need an outlet. He bites the corners of all of our wood furniture throughout the house. Question: My Cat Is Doing An Odd Chewing Motion With Nothing In His Mouth by Cheryl (Minneapolis, MN). These tiny pieces can become lodged in the … Cats with feline immunodeficiency virus, … Compulsive cat chewing, scratching, or licking behaviors often develop in cats who are bored, stressed, or anxious. This behavior needs to be taken seriously since biting, chewing and ingesting inedible objects such as the household furniture can result in life-threatening intestinal obstructions. Having one of these to chew on may help with the wood chewing problem. Get some mineral (preferably loose), with P in it, and set it out for them to have on a daily basis. My kitty (12-years old) has been to see several vets, (emergency, my regular vet, and the animal hospital at the University) due to weight loss, loss of appetite, projectile vomiting, and lethargy. The easiest thing for them to do is to just start chewing on whatever piece of furniture or woodwork is closest to them. “, I spoke about the reason why kibble is more or less unlikely to actually help with a cat’s dental problems – cats don’t chew their food! Cats may chew on anything, starting from furniture and walls to clothes and shoes. Clicker training, a positive-based training method, can also help to focus your cat away from the furniture. If he enjoys being groomed, then have regular grooming sessions every day at the same time. Curb your cat's tendency to eat other things by feeding your cat at regular times. Cats enjoy chewing many things such as cardboard boxes, book covers, flip flops, wooden spoons, and others. They include: Chewing stimulates a cat’s teeth and gums and can provide a sense of comfort to them. Some breeds, like Birmansand Siamese Cats, are more likely to chew on wool than other breeds. 2. You can also purchase "cat greens" at pet supply stores. Excessive chewing, however, happens when cats chew compulsively. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. One note though: purchase a small chew toy. Offer him chew toys. Several conditions can cause a cat to bite her own tail, including medical issues and parasites. A cat naturally gravitates towards electrical cords as they remind her of another animal’s tail. My cat is chewing the furniture….what can I do? A lot of cat owners bring up the idea of using dog chews like rawhide and special chewing bones and sticks that are made for dogs. Why Is My Cat Chewing on Electrical Cords in the First Place? Make sure to … Pica may be genetic for some cats. Putting your cat on a consistent schedule will also help refocus him away from eating the furniture. Caitlin UltimoSeptember 23, 2010Training / Training Tips. But I believe in preventing the chewing before it happens. Among other objects, cardboard boxes give them a tactical feel as well as something they can actually chew it into pieces. A cat chewing on the furniture is not a common problem and can be difficult to stop. Does he have some diet deficiency or is it a behavioral problem? A cat might also chew on your hand out of boredom, to relieve stress or because she wants to play. Boredom chewing can also be a sign that your cat has Pica, however, Pica usually also includes chewing on garbage, plastics and other objects. If your pet gets preoccupied with these safe chews, he's less likely to eat wood. Often, veterinarians will prescribe medication along with behavior modification for cats suffering with pica challenges. Additionally, the nubs can help clean its teeth. Pica can be a sign of dental disease or abdominal pain, so get your cat checked by the vet if your cat suddenly starts this behavior or does it excessively. Move things that would be dangerous for the cat to chew, such as electric cords, away from your pet's level, or close the door to the room so your cat can't chew wood furniture. You can also use a water sprayer to spritz the cat whenever he or she is caught chewing. The nubs give your cat a physical sensation from chewing, without the destructive results of a chewing on wires. To remedy a cat's tail-chewing, you have to know the cause. Yes, they can be an easy way to get your dog to stop chewing. What triggers a cat's need to chew on us ranges from a genetic predisposition for the behavior to having been weaned too early. She thinks it must be a diet deficiency.A: From your description, it sounds like your cat is exhibiting a behavior called pica.

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